C2C currently has Neighborhood Outreach Organizers in 3 neighborhoods: Blue Ridge, Edith & Carrie, and Washington Park. Click to learn more about ongoing activities in each of these 3 West Walla Walla neighborhoods:

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge neighborhood residents have built a special relationship with the Walla Walla Fire Department, holding community meetings in the station’s training room, and preparing meals, such as a barbecue, for the firefighters. Residents have also forged a bond with The Salvation Army, especially since the construction of the Army’s recently completed 3,500 square foot food bank and service center, which includes meeting space and a demonstration kitchen. Residents have participated in cooking an annual First Responder’s appreciation meal at The Salvation Army’s service center, which is also the site of the annual Blue Ridge Christmas party. Plans are underway to create a flashing pedestrian crosswalk on Poplar Street near the fire station. To learn more about the history and current activities of the Blue Ridge neighborhood, click here.

Edith and Carrie

mural2C2C was about a year old as an organization when it first became involved with the Edith-Carrie Neighborhood. This isolated neighborhood is immediately adjacent to the Washington State Penitentiary, at the northwest edge of town. During early neighborhood meetings held in 2006, neighbors agreed that the neighborhood needed a park or a common gathering space, where children could play safely and where neighbors could enjoy each other's company. This lead to the creation of the Edith Carrie neighborhood park, and more recently, the Carrie Center indoor gathering space across the street. To learn more about the history and current activities of the Edith & Carrie neighborhood, click here.

Washington Park

StageThe Washington Park neighborhood was the third and largest neighborhood taken on by C2C, beginning with the Children's Art Wall and followed by the installation of playground equipment. Both projects were completed by the Sherwood Community Leadership Classes of 2005 and 2006. The Art Wall created the first sense of neighborhood connection. Of the three neighborhoods, this one has the highest ethnic diversity and a larger concentration of youth. To learn more about the history and current activities of the Washington Park neighborhood, click here.

C2C has worked in other neighborhoods in the past, and its project model and services are also available to other parts of Walla Walla. Click below to learn more about the past and future of C2C activities:

Walla Walla Area

Jefferson Park neighborhood

Other neighborhoods


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