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Every day there are Walla Walla Valley teens who “couch surf” or sleep outdoors because they are homeless. Youth who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances need help with temporary shelter and services that can help and encourage them to stay in school and develop skills for successful, independent living.

The Walla Walla Youth Alliance has identified homeless youth its top priority. Walla Walla direly needs a youth shelter that also provides other services so youth may reach their social, emotional and intellectual potential. The WALLA WALLA TEEN CENTER will offer counseling, free medical assistance, childcare, employment skill building/placement, recreation, and a supervised overnight shelter for homeless youth.

We have a plan: Blue Mountain Action Council (BMAC) will own the center and provide employment/training services. Catholic Charities will operate an overnight emergency shelter and coordinate homeless prevention services. The Health Center will provide primary and mental health care services. Children's Home Society of Washington will provide Early Head Start child care for parenting teens.

For more deatils about the project, click here:
Walla Walla Teen Center Project Outline

We need your help! We need to raise an additional $26,000 from individual gifts to compliment the funds already secured from local, regional and federal funds and area foundation grants.


  • Washington State Building Communities Fund (BCF) - the project has been approved for a $475,000 appropriation for 2015 to 2017.
  • Washington State Housing Trust Fund - has awarded project approval for $435,000 for 2016.
  • The City of Walla Walla - is expected to release up to $140,000 in Community Development Block Grant (from Housing and Urban Development) funds within its control over a two-year funding cycle.
  • Local and Regional Grants are critical sources of matching funds for local, regional and federal funds and are expected to total $500,000-$800,000 over the course of the project’s development and building cycles.
  • Personal gifting is a gratifying area of support and about $140,000 has been raised quietly thus far.


  • Blue Mountain Action Council has earmarked $15,000 in cash on hand of its own discretionary resources toward the development of the new project.
  • Catholic Charities, YMCA, Children's Home Society of Washington, and the Health Center have also pledged agency resources toward the development. Catholic Charities Spokane has committed $200,000 in operating costs when the center is operational.
  • In addition, BMAC plans to contribute the property valued at $58,300 per the WW Department of Assessments.

We would be happy to visit with you by phone, email or in person to further review The Walla Walla Teen Center. It is critically needed and enthusiastically supported.

Please click here to make your donation to this important project.

Give what you can. Any size gift will go a long way to help us reach our goal.
Thank you for supporting the Walla Walla Teen Center!

Blue Mountain Action Council, The Health Center, Catholic Charities of Walla Walla and Children's Home Society of Washington


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