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In conjunction with the Blue Mountain Action Council Housing Department and the BMAC Commitment to Community, Carrie Community Center was built to provide the Carrie Street community, as well as others within the community, a quiet location to hold community events, personal events, and business events.   This center has a full kitchen, restroom facility, large meeting area that can accommodate up to 75 people, tables, chairs, and media capability. Anyone interested in utilizing this facility can contact the Blue Mountain Action Council Commitment to Community for details, requirements, availability, and cost. Another way BMAC works to build strong healthy communities.

This housing addresses an ongoing need in our community to serve a segment of our population who suffers from Chronic Mental Illness. Mental illness can be a barrier to housing success for many people. BMAC has identified this need and responded with a number of scattered sites that help people secure and maintain affordable, safe housing. We work closely with other agencies to address the varied needs of this clientele. This helps reduce the barriers that may prevent those with mental illness from being housed.

Blue Mountain Action Council has one site for families who are either homeless, in jeopardy of becoming homeless, or fleeing domestic violence. Usually these families have one or more barriers that have either contributed to their homelessness, or prevent them from many rental opportunities. Families at this site must have legal custody of children under the age of 18, be at or below 30% of the area median income, have one or more barriers, and have the desire to participate in on site case management to assist them in overcoming those barriers.

Working together with individuals, other community agencies, and families, Blue Mountain Action Council offers affordable low cost housing for those with Developmental Disabilities. These properties as well are scattered sites, integrated into our community within a diverse spectrums of neighborhoods. Many of these properties have 24 hour a day, 7 day a week on site support staff and care providers who allow the less fortunate to live in an environment that is safe, clean, and well maintained. It provides a level of dignity and compassion while both enhancing and supporting the neighborhood.

The Oxford House Organization and Operation is integrated in the Walla Walla Community to offer clean and sober housing options for those trying to get back on their feet. BMAC provides rental housing to the Oxford Organization who operate a 6 bed house for those in need. This partnership with Oxford House fills a need in our community that otherwise would not be met. Oxford House has other sites throughout the community not associated with BMAC.


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