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City of Walla Walla IRRP Outreach

Starting in Spring 2012, C2C has been contracted through the city of Walla Walla to do outreach for the Infrastructure Repair and Replacement Project in the neighborhood around 3rd and Stahl. We have been going to doors telling neighbors about the project, arranging meetings between neighbors, the city, and engineers to discuss plans and concerns and generally trying to increase effective communication between all involved parties.

Menlo Park

In March 2009, residents of Menlo Park neighborhood approached the Sherwood Trust with a proposal to help fund the acquisition and installation of playground equipment in Menlo Park. However, the story behind the proposal began much earlier in the form of a grassroots initiative by residents determined to improve their neighborhood.

In 2007, residents came together to form Friends of Menlo Park, an informal neighborhood group. Their mission was to develop a sense of community and common purpose among neighborhood residents through improving their nearby Menlo Park as a natural gathering place.

So, they began showing 16 mm movies and selling popcorn in the Park. The spark was set, attracting up to 120 residents per showing. This led to community softball games and Easter egg hunts.  Further, a revitalized sense of ownership by residents of Menlo Park was reinforced by several neighborhood residents participating in the Sherwood Trust’s 2009 Community Leadership Program, a 12-month, skill-based curriculum focused on the concept of community leadership.

A key partner for the neighbors was the City Park & Recreation Department, which worked with the residents to build a new bathroom facility in the Park and then pledged critical funding and expertise toward the proposed playground equipment project. This support reflects the understanding that a strong community comes from building strong neighborhoods and by encouraging a sense of ownership among neighborhood residents.

Through the Community Leadership Program, the neighbors learned of several grant opportunities offered by the Sherwood Trust that are designed to: 

  • Encourage neighborhood grassroots groups to take ownership of their neighborhoods through self-help projects.
  • Build a sense of community, particularly within residential neighborhoods as part of the larger Walla Walla community.
The rest is history as the neighbors raised nearly $50,000 and successfully completed their playground equipment project.



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