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Support the Farm To Food Pantry Program!

You can support the BMAC Food Bank and local family-owned farms while getting fresh produce into the hands of people experiencing food deficiencies. Win-Win-Win!

Washington State Department of Agriculture's Farm to Food Pantry initiative utilizes state funds to help hunger relief organizations like BMAC purchase fresh produce from our local farmers, increasing access to healthier food options for low-income residents of Washington.

Part of this initiative is to raise MATCHING funds, and that is where your generosity comes in! 


  • Increases the amount of nutrient dense produce available in the emergency food system.

  • Developes mechanisms to encourage future donations and gleaning of produce.

  • Provides support to establish sustainable produce purchase and gleaning programs.

  • Allows food pantries to choose the purchasing contract model that works for them.


  • Creates new wholesale markets

  • Reduces food waste

  • Provides financial security with advance purchasing

  • Encourages grower roundtables

  • Builds a regional food system

  • Increases farm name recognition

Special thank you to our local farm partners for all you do to help nourish our neighbors. 

Frog Hollow Farm | Hayshaker Farm | R & R Produce | Welcome Table Farm

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