MOD Pizza, a Seattle based quick-service pizza chain, opened on December 6th in Walla Walla. Aside from being touted for their delicious, affordable pizza, they are also viewed to be a conscious company who gives back to their employees and their communities.  

A recent article in the Walla Walla Union Bulletin says "The business has a “people first” approach that starts with paying employees above-industry wages and continues through its “impact hiring” of people with special needs or in need of a second chance. A column in Forbes recently highlighted how its openness to hire people with a history of incarceration, drug abuse, homelessness or mental illness gives back to the company and community as a force for good."

During their first day of operation, MOD donated all pizza proceeds to us, totaling $5,292! 

We are so appreciative of this new addition to town. Go out and get yourself a pizza!


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