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  •  September 25th, 2018

Contrary to commonly held belief, small groups and individuals can make a difference. Residents in the Blue Ridge neighborhood are a good example.

They advocated for a paving project, the results of which they found cause to celebrate.

Seventeen of the residents met 14 months ago for a front yard potluck on Lowden Street. City Manager Nabiel Shawa and City Councilmember Steve Moss joined the group to talk about the neighborhood’s needs, said J. Andrew Rodriguez, director of Commitment to Community with Blue Mountain Action Council, in a release.

High among their concerns was a nearby dirt road rife with potholes along the railroad tracks. Children walking to and from Blue Ridge Elementary School travel that route. Residents stressed the children were forced to slog through mud and water on that road in rainy weather.

A public transportation van also contended with the potholes, Andrew said.

Residents attended a City Council meeting to request assistance with neighborhood needs.  

After completion of the paving project, the neighbors gathered on Sept. 8 to celebrate completion of the paving project that resulted from their advocacy.

At the celebration neighborhood leaders, Javier Garcia and Selma Castillo addressed guests during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Both thanked neighborhood residents and project partners.

The Sherwood Trust and city of Walla Walla collaborated with C2C to make the project a reality.  

Approximately 50 residents from all three neighborhoods where C2C works attended the celebration. Also attending were Nabiel, Councilmember Riley Clubb, city representatives from the fire, police and parks and recreation departments and representation from Walla Walla Public Schools.

C2C builds grassroots leadership in neighborhoods and develops the capacity in people to reach their goals and dreams, Andrew said.


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